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Rover 3D Model

During the work on my short movie Discoverers i missed some cool environment assets like vehicles, buildings etc.

My problem is that most of the 3D Models i did bevore are from Games / Movie/TV and i was not allowed to use them for private projects… so i decidet to make some assets i could use for this purpose.

This is the first i created recently with PBR Materials.
Rendering is done in Marmoset.

This is the first rover like vehicle i did so far… hope you like it smiley

Happy New Year!


I am proud to present my very first digital product.

I was working a lot on Industrial Decals in the past weeks for a personal project.

It is somehow strange how often i needet them for my artworks and everytime i found myself searching the web for stuff and good designs… well and then i thought it would be great to have my own unique set.

And voila… here it is… ready for work smiley

And… i also thought why not selling it on Artstation… so if you want to support me and need some high quality Decals for your works… here is the link:

DECALS VOL.1 :: Futuristic & Industrial Designby Alexander Preuss