2014 – Exhibition at Listmann Aachen

Some of my traditional works are displayed at the Listmann store in Aachen.

2010 – Future Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo

My Artwork the return to Abalakin was featured at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.  An 8×4 meter version of my work was printed and  integrated into the Pavillion of the Future.

The Pavillion was designed by INGENIA_QED

2011 – DORTCON

I had my first vernissage at the Dortmunder Science Fiction Convention 2011 where i displayed 20 of my best artworks.


My second vernissage in the center of Aachen / Germany.  The vernissage went over 3 days and almost all displayed works were sold.

2007 – FMX

I had an autograph session along with a few other artists.
We are all published in the books from BALLISTIC-PUBLISHING.

 2005 – RP

The Rheinische Post posted an short article about me winning the Grand Space Opera challenge from CGSociety.


CGS made a feature about me, my job, and my personal works

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